Bucksnort Deer Hunting

Hunting on the Bucksnort Plantation Property will be some of the best time you have ever spent outdoors. Our long time trophy management program will give hunters the best opportunity to take a big buck, or a trophy Tom. In addition to excellent wildlife management programs, the property is excellently equipped.

Numerous food plots are maintained year round. A variety of foods, including wheat, rye, clover, chufa, soybean and corn are planted each year. The property is also rich with naturally occurring foods such as acorns, vetch, persimmons, crabapples, honeysuckle and pecans. A constant, year round supply of minerals is also made available to support superior rack development


You will have your choice of location as well! Over twenty stands to hunt from are located throughout the property. All stands are metal ladder construction, sixteen to twenty feet high, equipped with a gun rest and skirting. These stands are very comfortable to hunt from!

We also allow our guests to bring their own portable climbing stands if they prefer. For those cold rainy days, there are also three fully enclosed shooting houses. WE REQUIRE ALL HUNTERS TO USE SAFETY BELTS IN ALL STANDS!!



Bucksnort Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is some of our best hunting available at Bucksnort Plantation. We have cultivated an excellent habitat that supports a maximum population of birds.

Hardwood bottoms abound, with small creeks running through many of them. On any given morning, it is not uncommon to hear more than eight or ten different gobblers.

This most recent season was a real success with hunters taking mature trophy size birds. On one occasion, one of our guests bagged a 25 lb. bird with an 11 inch beard and inch & half length spurs!





Meticulous management practices include elimination of natural predators and providing an abundance of various foods such as chufa, corn, clover supplementing the already abundant natural foods such as acorns.  These practices help insure us of excellent hatchings  and lead to an abundance of healthy turkeys.

We provide various hunting packages including seasonal, weekly, and daily with or without a personal guide provided

Spring turkey season is a great time to come to Bucksnort Plantation.  The property has many locations that are prime roosting spots for turkey, yet remain easily accessible to hunters.


Bucksnort Dove Hunting

Three separately prepared fields approximately 20 acres each in size, provide the best dove hunting in the county.. Brown top millet and sunflowers are planted in the early summer on these fields.  By the first week of Sept. the seeds are mature and doves are attracted from miles around. Our fields can accommodate up to 20 hunters comfortably. These fields are managed to provide the maximum concentration of the natural local dove population.

Large round bales of hay are strategically placed as cover  for hunters during the hunts, providing excellent shooting positions.  In the past, hunts on these fields have been hugely successful with most  hunters taking the limit. Various hunting packages are available, including group & corporate hunts by the season or by the day. Contact us for prices. To top off an excellent day of hunting, let us cater a Cookout after the hunt!

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