Bucksnort Fishing

Bucksnort Plantation maintains three separate ponds; We have two 10 acre bass and bream ponds open for fishing. One pond, located less than one half mile from the lodge, has been stocked since the spring of 1984.  Care is taken each year to make sure the pond is properly balanced and fertilized. Bream caught in this pond average 1 lbs. and up.   Largemouth bass are also abundant and some as large as 10 lbs. have been caught.

The other 10 acre pond was constructed in the Spring of 1998 just behind the lodge. This pond is to be our main trophy pond in the years to come. During the construction of this pond, we have made sure that plenty of structure has been created for a natural habitat which the fish will congregate around. We stocked this pond with the hybrid strain of Florida largemouth bass (known for their rapid growth) and coppernoze bluegill. This pond is equipped with its own boat house, and a large deck with a fish cleaning area. Two Jon boats equipped with trolling motors will be provided for our guests use. This pond not only supports trophy size fish but it also it compliments the beauty of the lodge and its surroundings.

The last pond we have for fishing is the oldest of all. It is approximately three acres in size and was built sometime during the 1940's. Everything from bass,bream,catfish to some really strange looking gilled creatures have been caught. Go ahead....Try your luck!


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