Bucksnort Hospitality

We believe in Southern Hospitality at Bucksnort Plantation.  When you and your group arrive on the property, our staff will be sure you get settled in and your gear stored safely.

Once everyone has arrived and had time to relax a bit, members of the staff will then begin a short orientation for the guests.  All of our rules and guidelines (dictated by management programs and state/county laws) for hunting the property will be explained completely.  Guests will be briefed on the acceptable size and number limits for each type of game.

Once the orientation is done, a tour of the property will be given, so that guests will have a clear idea where property boundaries are, the location of geographical landmarks, and how to find specific stands and blinds. After the tour, the party is returned to the lodge, and if time permits, guests may begin hunting that very same day.

Guests may hunt on their own, or with a guide, and our staff is always just a phone call away, should anyone in the party need anything.  We want to be sure your stay at Bucksnort is as pleasant as it can be.

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